Your Vision Implemented

Our approach to project management, applications development and systems engineering is simple:  We take your vision, spend the time to understand what you want to accomplish, and then working with you we make it happen.

Does it work? One of our clients, Dr. Phil Brody, CTO and Assistant Superintendent of the Clark County School District, NV, the nation’s fifth largest was named to Computer World’s top 100 CIO’s. The first time a K-12 figure was so named.

Our role was to coordinate between a major systems integrator and the CTO during design, procurement and deployment of a 300 school Gigabit WAN with a 26,000 instrument voice system. That role required trust from Dr. Brody and from the integrator. Yes, the project ended up on time and under budget and met all of its performance goals. Were there problems? Yes. The prototype of the system connecting 8 schools had been a disaster and the alternatives were to fix the management of the integrator or cancel the project. Working together with Dr. Brody and then with the executive management of the integrator we were able to form a new responsive project management team that was able to work together to achieve great success.

The result is that more than 300,000 students of the CCSD have a great infrastructure as the foundation for their learning.


Technologist and Project Manager

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