I research, collaborate, develop and deliver all manner of technical documentation on a broad variety of technologies that includes Wireless, Microwave, Smart Grid, Public Safety Networks, Operations / Business Support Systems (OSS/BSS) and IT Security. I have been a Technical Writer for the last 15 years, working project to project; one satisfied client at a time.

I bring to my writing the knowledge acquired in a 30+ years as an Engineer and Project Manager performing requirements analysis, system design, network engineering, field deployments, documentation and training for both domestic and international clients. I have worked directly with Field Technicians, Design Engineers and Marketing Directors. I have reported to Sales Vice Presidents, Chief Technology Officers and Chief Executives.

Well-written documentation must communicate to several audiences, not just engineers and other techies. The content must provide context and cannot be so dense in jargon that it baffles and frustrates the reader. The presentation must flow in a logical progression. Graphics are information rich and keep the reader’s interest, making the information easier to understand and more enjoyable to read. Subtle considerations such as simple fonts and ample white space are important. The point I am making is that a document that is hard to understand does not get read and probably shouldn’t have been written.

Whatever your documentation needs, I have experience with it. I don’t just write content. I craft information delivery formatted for clarity and in context for the target audience.


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